Seeking Volunteers for Parish Profile and Search Committees

Are you called? The Vestry is seeking volunteers for the both the Parish Profile and Priest Search Committees.

Profile Committee – Six to eight persons who will work with The Rev. Dr. Richard Simpson, Canon to the Ordinary, to interpret the Congregational Assessment Tool and offer a variety of parish listening events toward the goal of telling the parish’s story. One vestry member will serve as liaison to this group.

Search Committee – Eight to ten persons who will assess the knowledge, ability and skills of the candidates. The vestry is required to give careful consideration to the balance of the committee and is responsible for appointing the committee chair. One vestry member will be appointed to serve as liaison and link between the Search Committee and the Vestry.

Parish members are invited to submit their names and other parishioners’ names to the Vestry for consideration. It is important to keep in mind that in accordance with the canons of the church, only the Vestry can issue a call to these committees and then only with the approval of the Bishop.

In the Body of Christ, no one member possesses all the gifts. We need one another. Likewise, no one committee member will have all the desired characteristics, but together we can discern the will of God for the community.