Community Connection Groups at St. Stephen’s

We hope to encounter God when we worship, pray, and study wisdom texts; that’s essentially the purpose of these endeavors. But surely God is present in our lives at other times as well. How can we meet God outside of traditional “religious” or “spiritual” activities? 

Perhaps it all starts by paying attention. As the poet Mary Oliver writes:

“Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”

Our spring/summer adult education offerings at St. Stephen’s are going to give us opportunities to do just this – to pay attention; to be astonished: and to tell one another about it.

Announcing: Community Connection Groups!

Groups are launching soon which will guide participants in exploring the holiness of our everyday lives. We’re convening gatherings covering three popular, accessible, and potentially profound activities: 

Each group will meet online monthly (though group members could make other meeting arrangements as well) to receive a simple assignment/project/challenge to be completed at participants’ leisure. The group will then gather again the next month to share their experiences: results, lessons, surprises, new plans, etc. Group members will also receive their next assignment/project. 

Groups will set their own schedules. We hope groups will meet throughout the spring and summer.

NO experience in these pursuits is required to participate. In fact, a “beginner’s mind” can be a real asset in encountering the sacred amidst the everyday.

Please contact the Parish Office ( or (413) 448.8276) or one of the following facilitators to sign up or for more information:

Ken Pooley
Craig Reynolds

Josie Ellis
Lois Symonds
Nancy Lamoureaux

John Culver
Angie Moon

And don’t be surprised if one of our group conveners taps you on the shoulder and invites you to join in the fun!