“Bridge Rector” – The Rev. David DeSmith

In consultation with the Diocese, the Vestry has asked The Rev. David DeSmith to serve as “Bridge Rector” as we continue our search process. David, in turn, has accepted the position with grace and love.

We are delighted to have David in this role – he knows us and adores us. He will be the guiding presence we so need. We have worked out a tentative schedule of 20 hours a week. His office hours will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Please call the church to make an appointment.

We continue to feel as if we are truly being led by the Holy Spirit. John brought us to a place of strength and security that we will continue with your efforts. The Diocese, particularly Rich Simpson, has been a great support to us and they will be with us however needed.

Read more about David’s background – including his history with St. Stephen’s.

Welcome, David!