Community Connection Group – Walking

According to Thomas Hawkins, the author of Every Step a Prayer,

“Walking is how we move through space. Language is how we describe this experience. This relationship between physical movement and the mind explains why we have rich and nuanced vocabulary to describe how we walk. We ramble, amble stroll or stride. We meander and mosey. We roam and rove. We parade or promenade or plod. We even pace and trudge.”

No matter how you walk, we want you to join us in discovering walking as a spiritual practice.


  • Eight walking-based assignments – two each month from June through September.
  • Monthly sharing and discussion sessions with fellow walkers either in person or via Zoom.


First walking gathering: Thursday, June 16, 5:00 PM at Canoe Meadows (we’ll meet in the parking lot). Or you can certainly walk on your own!

ASSIGNMENT #1 If you are going to walk on your own but still participate in the discussion, our “assignment” is to simply walk with no agenda, no time, no purpose, leave your music, audiobook or podcast behind. Think about what you observed, how did it feel different than driving? What thoughts arose, how did your body feel, emotions?

First Zoom discussion gathering; Friday, June 17, 5:30 pm. The group will decide when the next monthly discussions will be held. Contact one of the facilitators or the office for Zoom information.


Anyone who is interested. All you need is a pair of walking shoes and a sense of adventure and contemplation.

Facilitators: Lois Symonds, Nancy Lamoureaux, and  Josie Ellis