Leah Luczynski – Treasurer

Hello, I’m Leah Luczynski. I have served on the Vestry as your Treasurer since January 2018. My husband, Scott and I have been married for 15 years and live in Pittsfield with our 2 children, Charlotte (7) and Calvin (5). I own my own interior design business that serves Berkshire County. In my spare time, I enjoy watercolor and acrylic

I have been an Episcopalian my whole life. I grew up in Clarksburg, MA, and was very active in St. John’s (now All Saints) in North Adams. When Scott and I were married in the fall of 2006, we moved to Pittsfield. During Lent of 2007, I knew the time had come to find a new church to join. I started searching the only way I knew how: Google. I compiled a list of local Episcopal churches. St. Stephen’s was first on my list.

I have pretty high anxiety when it comes to going anywhere new. How do I get there? Where will I park? What door will I use? Where will I sit? Parking in The Circle (totally legal on Sundays at that time, remember when?) was way too high pressure for me, coming from Clarksburg where there are no traffic lights—there are 3 “crossroads” with 2-way stop signs—Pittsfield was a MAJOR city to me. But luckily, after one lap around The Circle, I found Allen Street and a small sign over the side door of the church that looked promising.

After battling the parking and now faced with, is this the right door?  I was exhausted from anxiety and considered forgetting the whole thing. But, I pressed on, walking closer and closer to this elusive “side door.” Just then, a man came with great confidence in his step. He knew where he was going. He reached for the side door without hesitation. He saw me coming and chivalrously held it open allowing me to go first. All I could think to say was “Is this the way in?” He said that it was. I stepped over the threshold and saw two sets of stairs [what have I done? I should turn and run]. From behind, the kind man said, “Go up.” I obliged dutifully. Another door. This time there was a greeter with a Program, a familiar scene from my youth. “Church is through there,” the kind man cajoled from behind, pointing around the corner. It’s hard now to recall how I got to my seat, the blood had rushed from my head at that point, but I made it, I was HERE.

Immediately following the service, a very jovial man (Craig Smith) welcomed me, recognizing that I was new. We chatted briefly, and I felt welcome, I liked it here. Then I saw the kind man from the “side door saga” approaching. He introduced himself as Al Symonds. He offered to take me on a tour of the church. We went through 3 floors, it was remarkable. I was so happy after I left St. Stephen’s that day that I went home and threw my list of local Episcopal churches away. My quest for a new church began and ended on the same day.

The people of Stephen’s are amazing, and it has been my pleasure to serve on the Vestry as your Treasurer.