Profile & Search Information

Search Committee Letter to the Parish – July 26, 2020

Dear family and friends of St. Stephen’s, Hopefully you are all aware that the Profile Committee has completed the Parish Profile and it has been reviewed and approved by your Vestry. If you have not yet been able to take a look at it, please do. The profile Committee’s dedication

Email Address for the Profile Committee

Do you want to provide input to the Profile Committee? Now you have a direct channel to the group – a dedicated email address: Don’t hesitate to send the committee your thoughts, ideas, and questions!

Profile Committee Members

Your profile committee members are Maribeth Barney, chair, Chris Plankey, Vestry Liaison, Craig Reynolds, Liz Trapani, and Susan Wojtasik.

Search Committee Members

Your search committee members are David Nevin, chair; Alec Gilman, vice chair; Cathy Carchedi, Gwen Davis, Josie Ellis, John Garinther, Susan LeBourdais, Chris Perry and Craig Smith. The Rev. Francie Hills will serve as the committee chaplain. Wendy Webster Coakley is Vestry liaison.

Parish Profile Frequently Asked Questions

The Profile Committee welcomes your questions and your input. Review a list of frequently asked questions about profile development here.
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