Sunday Evening Holy Communion at 5 PM

From Rev. Nina…

We are excited to be able to offer a weekly evening Eucharistic service on Sunday evenings at 5 pm. 

The worship will be led by a rotation of clergy who are excited about the chance to be part of this new adventure. Our clergy rotation includes: Nina Pooley, David DeSmith, Bill Loutrel, and Tom Damrosch. 

Sunday evening provides the opportunity for evening worship to those who have preferred evening worship in the past, and for those who have been unable to be present earlier on Sunday (due to weekend company or travel, etc.)

Initially, we will worship in the Guild Room. With the altar set up before the fireplace, and the candelabras lit, it should be lovely. The Guild Room provides us more than adequate space for the social distancing people may desire, and is a timely choice while the chapel windows are being repaired. (In addition, the property committee is thrilled that we’ve chosen a space that is easy to heat!)

Photo from the inaugural service, Sunday, February 26, 5 PM.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday Evenings at 5 pm in the Guild Room!