Credence Table Setting

Approach the altar as the Celebrant begins to set the altar for communion.  One LEM will go to the credence table and pick up the bread box.  The other LEM will pick up the Flagon (the large vessel) by the base and one water flagon by the base (the handles will be toward the celebrant to grasp).  Bring these to the Celebrant. Wait for Celebrant to return the water flagon to you.

Take a position, one on each side of the altar.  After the Eucharistic Prayer and the words of invitation, the celebrant will commune both LEMs. LEM closest to the credence table brings the second chalice to the altar to be filled. When Celebrant is ready, move to the space at the end of the pews.

As a parishioner approaches, the LEM will offer the chalice and say “The blood of Christ, the cup of Salvation”. If the parishioner sips from the chalice, wipe the chalice with the purificator, such that you wipe both the inside and outside of the edge where the person had sipped. Turn the chalice a quarter turn before offering it to the next parishioner.

After all have received, return to the altar space.  If the choir is present, both LEMs will follow the priest, one on either side of the choir seating as the bread is offered.  If there is a soloist, only one LEM will be needed. Both LEMs return their chalices to the credence table.

After the communion is finished, one LEM should stay to receive items from the Celebrant and return them to the credence table.

Thank you for your ministry as a Lay Eucharistic Minister.

The Rev. Dr. Nina Pooley