Parish Photos

Parish Garden Clean Up - September 2020

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Many thanks to the hard working gardeners (Mary Gillman, Marcie Nevin, Claudia Curry and Sara) organized by Sara Garinther on Tuesday, September 8.  They did a great job cleaning up the front garden!

Photos courtesy of Claudia Curry.

Bon Voyage Edie Mingalone! - May 2020

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On Saturday, May 9, 26 cars carrying about 40 people, many sporting handmade signs, drove slowly past Edie’s home as she waved from her porch. Drivers deposited cards in her mailbox and honked their best wishes.  Edie will be moving to Las Vegas this weekend. You will be missed!

Church Pew Cushion Cleaning and Repair - May 2020

The Property Committee took advantage of the removal of the pew cushions from the sanctuary to get them deep cleaned. The next step was repairing seams. Claudia Curry and Lois Symonds are seen here stitching up the seams in pew cushions. Please note, masks were worn when moving within the building, they did not face one another and sat 6 feet apart while working. You’ll be sitting pretty when we return to in-person worship.

Palms and Eucharist "To Go" - April 2020

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St. Stephen's Table "To Go" - April 2020

Lent Adult Education - March 2020

Chili Cook-Off and Farewell to Pastor Tim - February 2020

Epiphany Pageant - January 2020

Harvest Dinner - October 2019

Rise Against Hunger - June 2019

Many thanks to Joan Evans for the photos!