We value thoughtful questions over easy answers, in keeping with our Anglican heritage which honors Scripture, Tradition, and Reason. We commit to offering vibrant educational opportunities for all ages: children, youth, and adults.

Children’s Formation & Nursery Care

From September through mid-May, children in Kindergarten through 4th grade gather in our learning space on the first floor at 9:45 AM. St. Stephen’s uses an age-appropriate approach to explore the rhythms of the church year. At approximately 10:30 a.m., children join their families in the main church for Holy Eucharist.

For infants, toddlers, and children up to 4 years old, we offer our comfortable “Nursery Nook” located just off the main church space. Families can spend time with their young ones, play with engaging toys, and stay connected with the service as it unfolds.

Safe Church Standards

St. Stephen’s is a safe church trained parish. The Parish complies with the standards set by the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts for clergy, employees, and any volunteer who works with our children and youth. Among those standards: each person working with children or young people has completed a CORI background check and has participated in a Diocesan-sponsored Safe Church Training.

Youth Formation/YPF

What is YPF? The Young People’s Fellowship is an interfaith group for middle and high school students in the greater Pittsfield area. We hold events in three areas: Service, Spiritual Exploration, and Fellowship. It is moderated by adult volunteers trained in Safe Church practices and we are based out of St. Stephen’s. The ideas and initiatives are driven by the interests of our Young People! Please come join us at one of our upcoming events or contact the Parish Office for more information.

Adult Education

Occasional Sunday morning and week-day offerings use various texts, programs, and videos to explore relevant questions and issues.

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