Health and Safety Protocols – Updated 8/15/21

Welcome to Worship at St. Stephen’s

It’s good to be worshipping together in the sanctuary! Thank you for your understanding and patience as we observe the following protocols:

Masks: Please wear a mask at all times in the building. If you do not have a mask the greeter can provide one for you. Please maintain appropriate social distance.

Contact Information: Preregistration is no longer required, but a greeter or usher may ask for your contact information if you haven’t worshipped with us recently. This is strictly a precautionary measure should the church need to respond to a contact tracing request from public health officials.

Children are always welcome at worship! Unfortunately given the uptick in COVID cases and the risks posed by the Delta variant, we aren’t equipped to offer Sunday school or Nursery safely. (At least not at this time.) We would LOVE to have you and your children join us on Sundays for church, and children are ALWAYS welcome to be part of worship in the sanctuary. Family Seating has been set aside for those with children and younger teens (in the last rows of the sanctuary). Parents, please come and go as your child needs to -though we ask that children be accompanied at all times.

Singing: We are thrilled to be able to sing hymns finally! Please keep your mask on while you sing and sing gently. While less than perfect, it’s so wonderful to be able to sing again!

Updated 8/15/21.