Lemonade on the Lawn!

Lemonade on the Lawn is back for the summer!

Contact Marie Sutton or the Parish Office if you’d like to host the last weekend of August or Labor Day weekend.

Altar Flowers!

You can fill these vases (or ones very similar) on the Sunday of your choice:

Donate and dedicate flowers for a loved one or special occasion, $45, 


provide the floral arrangement honoring the dedication.

Some folks even do both!

Please … Read More

Community Connection Group – Gardening

Your mind is a Garden
Your thoughts are the Seeds.
You can grow flowers
or you can grow weeds.

Do you like fresh herbs? Perennial flowers? Containers with succulents? Zucchini, Kale, tomatoes? House plants? Native flora for pollinators? John and … Read More

Community Connection Group – Walking

According to Thomas Hawkins, the author of Every Step a Prayer,

“Walking is how we move through space. Language is how we describe this experience. This relationship between physical movement and the mind explains why we have rich and nuanced … Read More