Credence Table Setting

Approach the altar as the Celebrant begins to set the altar for communion.  One LEM will go to the credence table and pick up the bread box.  The other LEM will pick up the Flagon (the large vessel) by the … Read More

Chris Plankey – Vestry


I came to St. Stephen’s with my wife, Nichole, roughly five years ago after the births of our two sons, Kipper and Max. I was baptized at St. Stephen’s and I wanted the same for our boys. My family

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David Nevin – Vestry

Personal: The first 18 years of my life were in Cortland New York which was a quiet city wrapped by farms and woodlands. After heading off to college I then spent a few years in Buffalo before moving to Pittsfield

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John Garinther -Vestry

I was raised on the Chesapeake Bay in a small town north of Baltimore named Havre De Grace where most of my siblings still live. I left the area to attend college and start my career, but continue to visit

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Josie Ellis – Co-Warden

We came to St. Stephen’s after the birth of our child so that she would be baptized in the Episcopal church. After that, we were hooked!  Scott and I have been married for 28 years and are raising two wonderful

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Suzanne White – Treasurer

Hello, my name is Suzanne White.  As a member of the vestry, I am serving as a finance team liaison and the Treasurer.

Born and raised in Pittsfield, I am a lifelong Episcopalian.  As a child, my parents brought me

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Wendy Webster Coakley – Vestry

Personal: I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and still consider myself to be a Midwesterner at heart. I came to the Berkshires for the first time to attend Williams College, after which I worked in Washington, D.C., for

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